Car Waxing

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Car Waxing

Most people like to have their car looking bright and shiny, but many also see car cleaning and car waxing as a bit of a chore. They prefer to use their free time doing something that they really enjoy. 

Car owners in Tulsa now have the option of using the services of the Finishing Touch mobile car cleaning service. The people at Finishing Touch have a range of cleaning services at very competitive prices. You can let them get on with the job of making your car look great while you do the things you prefer to do.

Keeping your car clean and waxed not only improves its appearance. It also helps to protect the car’s body from corrosion. When you have wax applied to the car, it increases the intervals between washes. Dirt finds it harder to cling to waxed car surfaces, and a quick wipe with a dry cloth can restore the shine.

Since your car is going to be used outdoors, it has to deal with the natural UV radiation that comes with sunlight. UV radiation will speed up the rate that your car’s color degrades. Car waxing acts as a shield against UV radiation, so your car will look better for longer. 

Car waxing can also add to the value of your car, or make it more attractive to potential buyers. Having a car waxingdone before you put your car up for sale could mean you will get rid of it more quickly. Buyers will be more inclined to spend their money on a car that is well presented. 

Finishing Touch Inc offers car waxing as one of its services. If you would like us to come and do your car, just give is a call on 1.918.724.WASH. You can check out all our services and our prices on our website.