Tulsa auto detail: Clear the Fear of Auto Detailing in Tulsa

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Tulsa auto detail: Clear the Fear of Auto Detailing in Tulsa

Many of us take the time to regularly wash our cars and trucks. We might use the old fashioned method of hose, bucket and cleanser or take a more practical approach of a do-it-yourself car wash. There are a few things to know about acceptable approaches to cleaning the exterior and interior of your car. Some chemicals and compounds used to clean your vehicle also cause unwanted damage to paint, trim, and rubber elements of your beautiful ride.

Clear the fear of damage! Tulsa auto detail has a better way to conveniently detail your vehicle through Finishing Touch Mobile Car Wash. The friendly and professional staff knows the proper method of using cleaning products to extend the life of auto components.

Along with the exterior cleaning of your car, keep in mind that the interior also needs regular cleanings and detailing. This service helps eliminate odors. It also prevents particle buildup in the vents and makes the ride that much more enjoyable.

Remember the first time you opened the vehicle at the lot to the intense new car smell? Auto detailing recreates that sensational feeling when it’s done right. A regular regimen of interior detailing and a thorough exterior cleaning will keep that new car sensation in place for months!

When is the last time your vehicle was treated to a thorough cleaning from bumper to bumper inside and out? If it has been a while, why not treat your car to quality Tulsa auto detail by setting an appointment with Finishing Touch Mobile Car Wash. They’ll clean the obscure corners and hidden dirt by bringing the shop to your location. Your car will look like a million bucks in a New York minute. Don’t delay. Call for an appointment today at 918-724-9274.