How to get a fleet wash

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How to get a fleet wash

If you own a fleet of trucks, you know the expense of having to get a fleet wash. You also know that this expense is one that cannot be avoided, because keeping trucks washed has benefits for the trucks and for you, the trucks’ owner.

Clean trucks create a positive public image for the company whose name is emblazoned on them. In addition, much of the dirt that builds up is acidic, and can lead to corrosion problems, shortening the life of the trucks.

Another problem is that trucks are essentially out of service while they are being washed, and there is the additional problem of the drivers being paid but not actually working while the fleet wash is taking place.

The good news for truck owners in the Tulsa area is that there is now a more cost effective and more efficient way to get the fleet wash done. Instead of driving trucks to the nearest wash facility, fleet owners can now have Finishing Touch Inc. come to their trucks and do the washing there. 

Finishing Touch Inc. is a mobile service that caters for all kinds of trucks. They provide three levels of cleaning for truck owners. They can do an exterior wash and a thorough cleanup of the interior, an exterior wash and a light interior cleanup, or just an exterior wash. 

Finishing Touch Inc. can reduce the expense of a fleet wash by providing their service at times when the trucks would normally be idle. Owners can have their trucks washed at the weekends. Give them a call on 1.918.724.WASH, or take a look at their website to see their services and prices.