Mobile Car Detailing

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Mobile Car Detailing

Keeping your car clean takes time, and you may struggle to find that time. Gradually, the dirt inside and outside begins to build up. This not only makes your car look bad, it can lead to problems with the car’s body. That is why we here at Finishing Touch introduced our mobile car detailing service for car owners in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

We can provide a full mobile car detailing while you are at work, or even while you are at home chilling out with your family. We bring everything we need to detail your car, including our own water and power source, so it does not matter where it is parked.

Of course, you could bring your car to an automated car wash, and while that’s better than letting the dirt accumulate, it is not as effective as a manual wash. Automated systems can damage your car. Small stones or pebbles that get entangled in the brushes can make gouges in your paintwork, or even crack your windows. That is why automated car washes always have a disclaimer posted, releasing them from any responsibility.

Another disadvantage of using automated services is that they only clean the visible surfaces. They have no effect on the dirt accumulated in the wheel wells, and they do not remove leaves and other debris from the air vents. Obviously, they do not clean the inside of your car.

We provide a much better alternative that will have your car gleaming inside and out. Your car will look great and smell great too. We use only top-grade cleaning products. The invisible dirt in the wheel wells can cause corrosion problems, so we get rid of that too.

It’s easy to make an appointment. Just call us on 1.918.724.WASH or you can email