Professional Detailing: Are There Benefits?

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Professional Detailing: Are There Benefits?

Are there benefits to professional detailing beyond having a clean vehicle? The truth is many people believe that a simple car wash and detailing are exactly the same. However, they are two very different things.

While washing cleans your vehicle, professional detailing cleans the vehicle and then reconditions the exterior and interior. This is a time consuming process that will not only leave your vehicle looking incredible, but it also helps to protect it. Part of the exterior protection that takes place is applying a new coat of wax. Unlike the clear coat finish that automatic car washes use, this thicker wax can last up to six months and helps to prevent oxidization from taking place.

When considering professional detailing, it is important to know that this will take some time and is more expensive than a simple car wash. That is because your vehicle is specially handled and each service takes time to complete. At some locations, several people will work on your vehicle to get the work done while others will be handled by a single person. Be sure to ask the company you are considering how much time it will take for these services to be done and obtain an estimate.

Typically, a full service detailing takes a few hours on a vehicle that has been maintained marginally well. If a vehicle is in bad condition, it can take longer to complete the job. You’ll find that since the detailing job will require every crevice and crack to be serviced, there is a noticeable difference in your vehicle once this is done.

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