Regular fleet cleaning

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Regular fleet cleaning

If you are a fleet owner, you know the benefits of keeping your trucks looking their best with regular fleet cleaning. If dirt is allowed to build up, it can cause the trucks’ metal to corrode. Dirty trucks also look unsightly, and can create a negative public impression for the businesses named on them. 

The problem for many fleet owners is that the cost of keeping their fleets clean is very high. A truck is not earning money while it’s being cleaned, and the truck’s driver is getting paid to sit and wait during the process. There may also be fuel costs involved in driving to the nearest truck or fleet cleaning service.

Now, fleet owners in the Tulsa area have a cheaper and more efficient way to keep their fleets clean and dirt-free. Finishing Touch Inc. provides a mobile cleaning service that includes cleaning of single trucks or entire fleets.

Fleet owners can choose from three different service options. We can carry out an external wash only, we can do an external wash and a light interior clean, or we can do an external wash and a detailed interior clean. 

Best of all, we can come clean your fleet on Saturdays or Sundays, so that you do not have to lose valuable earning time. We can clean your fleet at times when your trucks would not be working. And, because we come to you, you do not need to have any truck drivers on hand while we do the fleet cleaning.

If you would like Finishing Touch Inc to take over your fleet cleaning, just give is a call on 1.918.724.WASH. You can see all of our services as well as our pricing on our website